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If you have lost a tooth and are looking for an option to replace the missing space with something that is natural looking and is very close to functionality as your natural teeth then Implant is the answer.

Implants have over 95% of success rate and is the only way to replace teeth without drilling your adjacent teeth. It takes support entirely from the bone.

Implant procedures usually take a few months and is done in only a few steps.

The first step is evaluating your health and bone density and depth. If you qualify as an implant candidate, you will be scheduled for a first stage surgery where the surgeon will either open the flap or punch incision to place the implant. After the implant is in place and few x-rays have been taken, the gums will be closed with the help of sutures.

The dentist will then call you after a few months for a follow up exam and x-rays. If the implant shows new bone formation around it and is stabilized, the dentist will prepare you for a second stage surgery. In second stage surgery the implant will be exposed and impression will be taken for your abutment and crown. Sometimes if condition allows, the dentist will place a temporary crown or will just place a healing cap so the food particles do not get trapped in the implant.

once the dental lab finish making the crown, the crown will be cemented or screw retained.

For best results and longevity of the implant you need to maintain a good oral hygiene and regular dental visits.